Kiwi Co Koala Crate review

Kiwi Co makes several types of science-based craft “crates”. They offer individual crates you can buy, but mostly offer subscriptions. This is not a sponsored post, but I do have a referral code to get you $10 off your first purchase:

Kiwi Co offers 9 different themes of crates. Some are structured by age (they even offer one for 0-24 months) and some are structured by theme such as engineering or art. We have personally tried the Koala Crate, aimed at ages 2-4, and the Eureka Crate, which is focused on engineering and design, for my teenage brother. If you aren’t ready to commit for a monthly subscription, or if you’re only interested in specific projects, they will also sell you specific boxes from past months.

My daughter was gifted a Koala Crate subscription for her 2nd birthday. She really enjoyed it, and was able to do a lot of it on her own, but I would say it depends on your child and their interests in fine motor skills and crafts. My son who is now 2 years old is not displaying any interest in them yet. With each box we received, I was impressed with how they prepped the supplies so that it was at her skill level and I didn’t have to do all, or even most, of the craft. I also appreciated that they gave the exact quantities you would need for each craft, so you’re not stuck with odds and ends of different craft supplies. One of Lily’s favorite crafts that we’ve done is a jellyfish that you can dance around on your window.

Lily playing with a blue jellyfish toy on the window
Lily pulling on strings to make the jellyfish dance

For a preview of different boxes, you can check out my instagram reels and posts that I made each month. I include some clips of my daughter doing the activities, and show which craft projects were included in the box each month.

Lily stringing a bead onto a green pipe cleaner
Stringing a “carrot” bead onto a green pipe cleaner for the garden

I also ordered a Eureka Crate subscription from Kiwi Co for my teenage brother which he really enjoyed building but ran out of space to store all of his projects so he did not renew the subscription. He got to build really cool things, including a calendar, soap dispenser, and a ukelele. He said his favorite was a lamp and lampstand that he got to build because of how practical it was. I found it very cool how everything he built is functional; the soap dispenser has been used in the guest bathroom for months and still works well.

Don’t pay full price. They have deals that they run, and send me lots of emails offering me a percentage off if I renew our subscriptions. I also have a referral code you could use to get $10 off your first purchase (and then I get $10 off my renewal). This is not a sponsored post, but just use my link to get your $10 off:

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