Why I love Disney balloons

Updated 2023

One of my kids’ favorite souvenirs to buy at Disneyland and California Adventure are the Disneyland balloons. They are pricey (as of 2023, $15 for a standard balloon and $20 for a special one) but I find it to be worth it. Because we are magic key holders (annual passholders) and can go often, a balloon is the only souvenir I will buy for my kids that day (other times they choose cotton candy, a toy, a bubble wand, etc).

Disney balloons have upsides to them that make them worth their rather hefty price tag. To start with, they’re very cute. A lot of them are double-balloons and many of them have cute patterns on them. Some of them also light up via a switch (so it can be turned off and battery saved for another night). Also, if they deflate in the parks that same day you bought them, you can get a free replacement with your receipt (so save that receipt!). I have also heard that you can have them deflated for your flight home then re-inflated at home, but have not tried this myself.

Disney balloons are also useful! They are a great way to identify your stroller in a crowd, especially if you have a common stroller in the stroller parking lots. We like to get the balloons on our first day of our trip, so we can play with them multiple days.

Disney balloons come with a cute balloon weight tied onto the end of it, but still hold onto it and keep track of it, especially on windy days. On a particularly blustery day, we did not hold onto it and it flew away, weight and all. We were able to get a replacement thankfully, but now we tie it around our stroller handle.

a collection of disneyland balloons against the background of the blue sky

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a blue disneyland balloon and a purple balloon at night attached to a stroller

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