Heartburn Relief

When I was in my 3rd trimester with Lily, I had so much heartburn (she was born with a full head of hair so that old wives tale that heartburn means a hairy baby seems true) but I was looking for relief anywhere. It got so bad that I couldn’t lay down or eat a lot at a time. Even drinking water would trigger some heartburn.

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I tried different remedies, but what ended up working for me was to sleep sitting up against my pregnancy pillow or a pillow seat (like this).

I also had a cup of milk right before I went to sleep.

Papaya pineapple enzymes tablets helped and do not contain aluminum like Tums.

Bread also helped (I gained a lot of weight in my third trimester). I was lucky that I didn’t get much morning sickness in the first trimester while I was still teaching, so I feel like this was just getting some fair suffering in (after all, pregnancy can’t be a complete breeze).

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