12 Gifts for Toddler Moms

If you have a mom of toddlers in your life, I have some ideas of things you can give to her (my authority to speak on this coming from being a mom of toddlers myself)

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Nap/shower/chore/relaxation time – it’s a great opportunity for special time with the toddler too! As much as we love our toddlers, it is so nice to have time to do something uninterrupted – catch up on sleep, take a shower alone, finish an actual chore, or do some relaxing. If toddler has separation anxiety, you don’t even have to take them out of the house – just entertain them while Mom does something else in a different room.

A night out – again, the gift of time. Either a girls’ night or a date night, but somewhere she can socialize with adults and enjoy silence in between conversation.


Uber Eats and food delivery gift cards for the days that cooking is just not going to happen

Meal subscription kit to take the guesswork out of cooking

A box of treats that she doesn’t have to share

An adult beverage or a mixer set for winding down after bedtime

Things to do

A gift card to a spa, or an at-home pampering kit and time to do it

Comfy loungewear for when you’re home all day

Matching outfits for her and her toddler. This isn’t for everybody, but it can be very cute (according to pictures I’ve seen…I haven’t reached this level of planning with my own outfits yet)

A membership to get out of the house and go somewhere with her kids. Our local zoo, aquarium, and children’s museums offer memberships.

Toddlers are assholes (It’s not your fault) book

Child and adult coloring books (and nice colored pencils for mama)

a mom and toddler with text gift guide for a toddler mom

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