Adventure City in 2021

We just went last week in August 2021 to Adventure City, a small theme park in Anaheim, California. My sister-in-law, cousin, and I took our 3 toddlers, aged 3, 2, and 1.

Environment and Entering

Adventure City opened at 10am on Wednesday morning; we got there a little after opening, bought tickets the day before on their website, although I saw people buying tickets at their front gate the morning-of (they warn that they can sell out on their website though). A sign at the turnstiles said that unvaccinated people must still wear masks, while vaccinated people do not. We wore our masks, and most people walking through the gates appeared to be wearing masks. Inside the park, most kids were not wearing masks, about half of the adults were, and I did not see anyone enforcing masking rules. All of the employees remained masked at all times.


a toddler riding in the front of a miniature rescue vehicle at adventure city

It was hot and humid, especially by 12:30 as we were heading out. Near the entrance they had a large white tent with walls enclosing three sides and misters going nonstop inside. We took our strollers inside halfway through our time there and it did a great job of cooling us off. The toddlers also enjoyed the feel of mist and having trouble seeing each other.

Creative play area was a lot of fun and how we ended the day. It is an enclosed play space with bins of train tracks and trains. There are benches for the adults to sit on, most of the space was shaded, and the little train passes by every so often. My 1-year-old especially loved playing with all of the trains on the tracks that someone else had built and left there.

There was a petting area that Lily really enjoyed; it had chickens, goats, and a sheep. They were all unfazed by toddlers in their space and a goat even came up to be pet. The attendant kept busy keeping the area clean, and the washing hands station right outside supplied.

a sheep at the petting zoo at adventure city

Our toddlers were able to ride most of the rides at Adventure City. Their favorite was the bus and the train. We did the hot air balloons (age 2 and up) and it was surprisingly intense, bus also surprisingly intense. They enjoyed the airplanes which they could control. The train traveled around the park. The rescue vehicles were very fun as there were little seats so that the toddlers could drive. We went on that ride twice, You can view all of their attractions here, with more info and pictures: 1 has 36″, 1 has 2, 1 39″, under 52″, fun card required for feed, climbing wall, arcade

a bus ride at adventure city

Things We Packed:

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  • Stroller
  • Diaper bag and its essentials
  • Teether crackers (my kids will only eat this one flavor)
  • Baby food pouches for snacks (yes they’re for babies but they’re healthy and both my toddlers eat them)
  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Water bottles for each of us
  • We bought lunch from their food establishment at Adventure City, so we didn’t bring substantive food for a meal.
a toddler in a rescue vehicle at adventure city and petting a sheep, with text adventure city 2021

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