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One of my favorite Disneyland influencers was Magical Kinda Mama (formerly Magic Kingdoms Mama). I found her on Instagram in 2019 and followed her adventures around Disneyland. When MKMama (her Instagram handle) had stories I watched them for entertainment and to visit Disneyland virtually with her. She decided to close down her account in 2020 and I really miss her Disney magic. One of the things that Magical Kinda Mama did that I really miss was suggestions for entertaining her kids. Particularly for her toddler, she would bring different things to entertain him during ride lines or waiting for parades.

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While thinking about what to do when Disneyland reopens, I decided to make some scavenger hunts for my daughter to do, inspired by some of Magical Kinda Mama’s activities. I started off with a scavenger hunt for my toddler, but then expanded and continued to make one for kids or adults to enjoy. Since my toddler cannot read yet, the toddler one has pictures so they can do it themselves or someone can read it for them.

2 sheets of toddler scavenger hunts for disneyland and california adventure
three printable scavenger hunts for disneyland and california adventure

These scavenger hunts can be downloaded and printed for your big trip, via my Disneyland Resources page. To gain access to my Disneyland Resources page, enter your email in the box on the right side right next to these words (I promise not to spam you!) and you will immediately receive the link to these and other fun Disneyland-related things! The welcome email will include a password to access the resource page.

Making these was so much fun, I decided to make some ones specifically for the holiday season at Disneyland (again, ones specifically for toddlers, and specific to each park). These are also included in my Disneyland Resources page.

scavenger hunt pages for disneyland at christmastime

Other Entertainment Ideas for Toddlers at Disneyland

  • Bubble wands are lots of fun (these are available in the parks, but don’t always have a large variety, and you can buy them online on Amazon or ShopDisney as well, or at Walmart/Target/etc). If you need replacement bubbles they also sell small replacement bottles but we haven’t run out within one day.
  • Snacks of course
  • Travel art packs like this one (I’ve also had luck finding them at my Target’s dollar spot). They include crayons, stickers, and a small coloring book
  • Playing Heads-up on an iPhone
  • Playing I-Spy
  • Busy Books

I was introduced to busy books to entertain my toddler by a friend online, and liked them so much I even made my own. Both of my toddlers have enjoyed them (and I enjoy that they velcro back onto the pages when you clean up). I uploaded mine to my Etsy shop (but there are literally hundreds of other options on Etsy too). They come as PDF downloads which you print, laminate, then cut out some of them and stick velcro dots on them. However, once you do all that, it’s great and lots of fun. You can store it in a binder, or keep them loose. My busy book specifically has color activities, an alphabet page, a car scene, and counting activities. It’s only 8 pages, but most of the ones on Etsy are much longer, so you can use mine as a trial to see if your child enjoys them.

If you need help planning your Disneyland trip, I can help! I have created a free spreadsheet in Google Sheets to help my email subscribers maximize their magical trip to Disneyland. Once you become an email subscriber (use the handy box on the right), you will receive an email with a link to my resource library with various Disneyland resources, including my PDF of tips, downloadable Google planning sheets, Disneyland scavenger hunts, and more! For a sneak peek and more info on my planning sheets, click here. You may also be interested in my posts on taking a toddler to Disneyland, packing a diaper bag for Disneyland, or my other Disneyland posts.

screenshot of scavenger hunt with text disneyland scavenger hunt freebie

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