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One of my favorite Disneyland influencers was Magical Kinda Mama. I found her on Instagram about a year ago and followed her adventures around Disneyland. When MKMama (her Instagram handle) had stories I watched them for entertainment and to visit Disneyland virtually with her. She decided to close down her account this year and I really miss her Disney magic. One of the things that Magical Kinda Mama did that I really miss was suggestions for entertaining her kids. Particularly for her toddler, she would bring different things to entertain him during ride lines or waiting for parades.

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While thinking about what to do when Disneyland reopens, I decided to make some scavenger hunts for my daughter to do, inspired by some of Magical Kinda Mama’s activities. I started off with a scavenger hunt for my toddler, but then expanded and continued to make one for kids and one that is slightly harder, for older kids/teens/adults. Since my toddler cannot read yet, the toddler one has pictures so they can do it themselves or someone can read it for them.

three disneyland scavenger hunts for toddlers kids and adults

These Disneyland scavenger hunts are designed for people visiting the parks, but no need to be an expert or know your way around; I’m not asking you to find the exact center of Disneyland or Club 33. Hopefully it helps pass your time; maybe you can even offer your toddler a prize for completing it.

These scavenger hunts can be downloaded and printed for your big trip, via my Disneyland Resources page. To gain access to my Disneyland Resources page, enter your email in the box on the right side right next to these words (I promise not to spam you!) and you will immediately receive the link to these and other fun Disneyland-related things!

I also got the privilege of trying out activity books from Easy Activities for Kids and Lily loves them! The Toddler Busy Book has farm scenes, different foods, and lots of color matching activities. They come as PDF downloads which you print, laminate, then cut out some of them and stick velcro dots on them. However, once you do all that, it’s great and lots of fun. You can store it in a binder, or keep them loose.

If you need help planning your Disneyland trip, I can help! I have created a free spreadsheet in Google Sheets to help my email subscribers maximize their magical trip to Disneyland. Once you become an email subscriber (use the handy box on the right), you will receive an email with the password to my resource library with various Disneyland resources, including my PDF of tips, downloadable Google planning sheets, Disneyland scavenger hunts, and more! For a sneak peek and more info on my planning sheets, click here. You may also be interested in my posts on taking a toddler to Disneyland, packing a diaper bag for Disneyland, or visiting Disneyland in 2021, or my other Disneyland posts.

Disneyland scavenger hunt freebie with a printed-out checklist in the background

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