Buena Vista and Downtown Disney Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Buena Vista Street in California Adventure at Disneyland Resort is now open for shopping and dining! Because of this, I updated my Disneyland scavenger hunt for Christmas on Buena Vista Street. You can see a screenshot below of what you would get but it is a free download. When you subscribe to my newsletter (on the right), included is the link to all of my free Disneyland resources, including these scavenger hunts and the normal Disneyland scavenger hunts. I made three different versions of this Christmas scavenger hunt: one for toddlers, one slightly harder for kids, and one harder than that. Some of these are very specific locations within California Adventure so if you do not go to all of the open places you may miss it. You can offer a prize for the winner of this Christmas scavenger hunt, or just use it as a way to pass time for your kids while you shop or eat (or wait in the queue to get inside). I am planning on going in the next week or so with my 2-year-old toddler and my 4-month-old infant, and will be taking this scavenger hunt along with us. Since my toddler can’t read, the toddler version has pictures to show them what they are looking for.

How to get to Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street is the Main Street equivalent in California Adventure; it’s the main entrance to the park, and is comprised of shops and restaurants. Parking is available in the Simba Lot for $10, but access to Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street inside California Adventure is free. You will have to walk through Downtown Disney to get to Buena Vista Street, so enjoy the walk. There are lots of shops and restaurants in Downtown Disney, some of which have lines and virtual queues if there are a lot of people. Once you get to Buena Vista Street, you may have to wait in a line to enter there also. If you want to eat at Carthay Circle Lounge at the end of Buena Vista Street, stop there first to make a reservation. Masks are required everywhere in Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street. For more official information from Disneyland Resort, click here.

three scavenger hunts for buena vista street at california adventure at disneyland resort - for toddlers, kids, and adults

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a scavenger hunt for toddlers kids and adults with text buena vista disneyland xmas scavenger hunt freebie

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