The Mental Load of Being a Mom

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We don’t just carry physical seen burdens as mom. Maria writes this e-book and makes you feel like she knows, she gets it. She is so encouraging, comforting, and real about the struggles of being a mom. I highly recommend this book for the new, first-time mom in need of encouragement.

Maria’s e-book is easy-to-read, not ground-breaking, but very encouraging as a mother. If you’re in need of comfort and to know you’re not alone, this is the read for you. It is separated into various short chapters, each fast to read. This is especially helpful if you don’t have cheerleaders in your life telling you you’re doing a good job.

Some of my favorite parts of her book: One of her chapters really touched me; it is a letter to her first born, and it perfectly articulates how i feel about Lily and I. We have a special bond because we learned how to be mother and daughter together. She had to struggle with me as I learned how to take care of her and how to be a mother. Maria also sweetly explains why you should be grateful for the mom-guilt! The way she writes about it reminds me of the Moms Day Out movie (very funny). I appreciate that she is real about the struggles of mom-guilt, but also is able to find something positive in it. She also has a helpful 3-rule plan for dealing with her toddler, which I found useful.

Description of the book: “Maybe you’re a working mother of two, or a stay at home mother of three. No matter what situation you’re in, you are going to go through struggles, if you haven’t already. One of the hardest things about being a mother is thinking we’re the only one’s going through it. It’s so important…that we finally realize that we are not. In this ebook, I share with you many stories, that I’m sure you have experienced yourself with your own children, to show you how far away from “alone” you really are. From mom-guilt & feelings of failure, all the way to stay-at-home-mom depression, you’re sure to relate quicker than you thought.”

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8 thoughts on “The Mental Load of Being a Mom”

  1. I know that feeling of being alone. It’s so weird because I’m always surrounded by people. But I think we as mothers really carry a heavy burden. This book looks like a great read with some useful advice!

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