Earth Friendly Baby Toys

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If you care about earth friendly, sustainable, and ethically-sourced quality toys and clothes I have the perfect online shop for you called Shop Chicke. This website works with different brands and therefore is constantly updating and changing their collection. I love the variety that they offer, and that I can trust that whatever they are featuring is good for the earth and ethically-sourced, something I am trying to be conscious of as a consumer.

This sustainable small business usually offers teethers, bows, a selection of simple quality clothes, and wooden toys. You can browse their stuff here. They even have gift guides near the bottom if you need some inspiration (I know gift guides can be helpful if you aren’t used to that age range). These toys are great if you’re looking for unique, quality, sustainable gifts for your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews. If you’re worried about getting typical gifts or gifts that break easily, I would definitely check out Shop Chicke for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, or just because!

One of my favorite toys at this small business is their wooden toy kitchen. Once we buy a house with a bit more space, I am buying this one for Lily, my toddler, to play with. I would really like to get her a toy kitchen that lasts, and this one is great quality.

wooden baby and toddler animal toys with text earth friendly baby toys

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    1. I really want a wooden kitchen for my daughter too, but it will have to wait – we’ve already filled our current home with all her toys lol

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