Disneyland Sweethearts’ Nite

In February 2022, we bought tickets to the special after-hours event of Sweethearts’ Nite at the Disneyland Resort. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, because the event ran until midnight and we didn’t want to have to drive home with our toddlers after that (and we love any excuse to stay at the Disneyland Resort hotels!)

This Sweethearts Nite event was super fun. The special fireworks were canceled on the night we attended due to high wind. That was disappointing, but they still did the projections on the buildings along Main Street. The lines for rides during the whole event were short, especially in Fantasyland, so that’s what we took advantage of (we brought our toddlers with us and were specifically hoping for short Fantasyland lines). We saw many characters, but the lines were really long for the characters and other photo opportunities so we only did one photo opportunity: us in the Cinderella wedding Coach (the event includes all photopass pictures taken at the special photo opportunities for no extra charge). We had mobile ordered the special heart-shaped beignets earlier in the afternoon, before the event. By the time the event started, mobile ordering had filled up, and when we picked up our beignets the line to order them wrapped around the block in New Orleans. We also mobile ordered the special funnel cake for the event hours before we wanted to eat it, to avoid any ordering lines. Both tasted delicious. and mobile ordering worked out so much better than standing in line. We had looked at all the special food offerings before we went, and decided what to mobile order beforehand. We also tried the strawberry brie sandwich from Jolly Holiday but weren’t big fans of it.

sweethearts nite lanyard and map held out with main st in backyard at disneyland
becky and husband sitting inside a cinderella coach cutout with sweethearts nite disneyland after dark decorative frame around the picture
heart-shaped beignets from sweethearts nite at disneyland
a ham and strawberry brie sandwich from sweethearts nite at disneyland

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becky and ron inside cinderella's coach and the brochures from sweetheart nite 2022 at disneyland

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