Our Favorite Lift-the-Flap Books

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These are our favorite Lift-the-Flap books for my one-year-old daughter. While this is obviously not a comprehensive list, these are books that we personally own and love to read everyday. They are sturdy board books, so they’re ideal for both babies and toddlers, even through the teething phase. Another perk of these books: they are all available on Amazon which is so convenient. 

Dear Zoo

This was her first favorite Lift-the-Flap book. We liked to read it because even with limited hand control at 6 months old, she could open some of the flaps and was so proud of herself! 


This is one of her current favorites at 18 months old. It is made of stiff paper, so it is less durable than her board books and has some rips in it, but we’re working on being gentle. She likes the bright colors and the way the animals pop up from behind the flap on each page. 

Thomas & Friends

This is another book that we read everyday. It has several flaps on each page and sounds that correspond to the items behind the flaps. Lily likes to point out each item for me to name, and is starting to understand that some items have a corresponding sound. 

Where’s Spot 

This is one that I grew up with too! This is fun for my daughter because she loves dogs. 

Dear Santa

This book is by the author of Dear Zoo, but instead of a zoo sending animals, it’s Santa sending presents. It’s a fun Christmas-themed book that Lily enjoys almost as much as Dear Zoo (animals are more interesting than toys apparently). 

a mom and baby reading a book with text best lift-the-flap books for your 1-year-old

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  1. Jen

    Dear Zoo is one of our favorites too. I’m sad my oldest, is “past” the lift the flap books. They’re so cute!

  2. Roshini

    Dear zoo and where’s spot are my baby’s favorite ones . Thanks for sharing .

  3. Stephanie

    This is great! My son is obsessed with lift the flap books!

  4. Melinda

    I love giving books as gifts.
    I will have to add these to my list for friends with little kiddos.

  5. Amy

    Lift the flaps are my son’s favorite right now! Usborne also has some really great ones!

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