Sea Animal Puzzles for Toddlers

My toddler loves puzzles; she loves to repeat them a few times a day, so I have been looking into expanding our collection. When you look at toddler puzzles, there are a few different characteristics to think about – some are wooden, some have pegs, while some are just chunky pieces for easy grabbing, some are more colorful than others, some are jigsaw style, and some even have sounds (my daughter loves her singing Baby Shark puzzle). The type of puzzle you want will depend on the age and development of your toddler. The chunky piece puzzles are easier to grab than little pegs, so that is what we have currently for my 1-year-old, and jigsaw-style pieces are more advanced.

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This Melissa and Doug wooden fish puzzle has 8 chunky pieces, says the color underneath of each corresponding fish, each fish is a different color, Melissa and Doug make high-quality toys in my opinion.

This is Lily’s favorite puzzle – it sings “Baby Shark” (yes it has an off button for the parents). Be warned that it is light-operated so it can start singing by itself when the light changes (around sunset it would just start singing in her room by itself…). It is a bright, 5-piece chunky puzzle.

This simple wooden puzzle has 11 different sea creature pieces, each with a peg for your toddler to hold rather than being chunky.

This wooden toddler puzzle has 10 pieces, magnetic, wooden, fishing rod so a little older and works on hand-eye coordination in a different way as well.

This puzzle is a set of six large floor puzzles. They are jigsaw style but the difficulty varies between sea animals – some have 4 pieces, some 5 pieces, and some 6 pieces. If you feel like flipping the puzzle over, each puzzle is a different color, and they are numbered so you can work on numbers with your toddler as well.

This Melissa and Doug puzzle has 7 chunky sea animal pieces set in a colorful underwater scene.

This is a set of animal puzzles, made up of both safari animals and sea animals. These are also jigsaw style, varying from 3 to 6 pieces, making some of the animals harder than others, to help your toddler gain better puzzle skills.

This sea animal puzzle is for more advanced toddlers ready to tackle jigsaws. There are 4 different animals with varying difficulty (one is 9 pieces, one 12 pieces, one 15 pieces, and one 20 pieces). There is still a picture for your toddler to follow. Each puzzle has a different colored back and are numbered so your toddler can do the puzzle based on numbers.

sea animal behind text 8 sea animal toddler puzzles on amazon

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