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(This page contains affiliate links. At no cost to you, I gain a small commission if you buy items through my links here. Find our disclaimer page here). That being said, this is my honest review of the Nursery Setup Bible.

I recently discovered this resource for designing a baby nursery and wanted to share with you! If you are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or plain lost when designing and setting up your nursery, you’ll definitely want to give the Nursery Setup Bible a look. I didn’t use this resource when I made our Winnie the Pooh nursery because I didn’t know that this existed. Luckily I had my best friend and husband who are both very creative and helped me think through the design of the room. If left on my own, I definitely would have needed something like this. I currently have a second opportunity to design a nursery (we just moved!) and I will be implementing some of Kelly’s suggestions in the three weeks we have before our due date. I will use her tips on curtain length to make the room feel taller, using hanging baskets as accessory storage, and the night light she suggested. We are also planning on buying a house within the next few years and I will definitely be referencing back to this Nursery Setup Bible for designing our next nursery as well.

Pros: Kelly’s Nursery Setup Bible has two options for you moms-to-be: it starts off with practical tips on designing your nursery, and it has complete themed nursery designs. Kelly includes tips on curtain length, rug length, size of the objects in the room, tips on small spaces and large spaces, closet organization, exactly what to put in the dresser drawers, gender neutral themes, specific paint colors, budget options and a list of essential nursery items (glider, storage, and bed), and more. The complete themed nursery designs includes shopping lists and even specific products for certain rooms.

Cons: all of Kelly’s complete nursery designs are neutral so if you’re into bold designs, you’ll have to pick your own theme and just utilize her tips in the first part of the Nursery Setup Bible. Also, if you moms are good at interior design, I don’t think this has too much to offer you.

Who this guide is for: parents-to-be who feel overwhelmed and want a step-by-step guide on setting up their nursery, people who need practical interior design tips like me, people who need some inspiration, people who want a pre-made design plan, or anyone who wants a pinterest-worthy nursery.

You can click here to check it out for youself and see more of what is offered. The Nursery Setup Bible is $27 (with a money back guarantee). It comes with 7 completed themes AND access to a nursery support facebook group.

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