Gift Guide for New Dads

Do you have a husband that is difficult to buy gifts for? My husband buys himself whatever he wants so there is very little left for me to buy him for Christmas, our anniversary, or his birthday. However, now that we have a baby it has gotten easier. Below is a list of things I have given him for various occasions from me and baby.

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3 Pictures of Baby That Spell Out “DAD”

I bought a wooden “A” and “D” then took a bunch of pictures of my baby holding them. Then I chose two favorite “D” pictures and one favorite “A” picture, printed them out, and put them into a frame that holds 3 pictures. I am about to do this for the third year in a row, and eventually he’ll have a whole wall full of Lily growing older.

A Frame of Baby’s Handprint and/or Footprint.

For Lily’s memory book, we used this mess-free kit to get her handprint and footprint and it works as promised – no mess! We got about three strong imprints then the ink ran out and they became faint. It is just the size of a baby foot, though, so it might not work for older toddlers. The ink is on one side of the plastic, and you press baby’s hand/foot through the plastic pressing the ink side onto paper. It took both of us to do it while she was asleep so that she was still.

I also made and framed a colorful handprint for Daddy using the fingerpaint below, but that involves more mess. I sat Baby in her diaper in my lap on our wooden floor to minimize cleanup and it worked surprisingly well.

Baby’s First Piece of Art

I like to use this washable fingerpaint because it is bright but washes easily off of baby and the floor. After I dipped her hands and feet into paint and placed the imprint on paper, I let her just play with another piece of paper. She drew her hand back and forth before crumpling the paper. I uncrumpled it, and voila! Baby’s first artwork.

I Love You, Daddy book

This is a cute boardbook about a little bear and their daddy. It’s safe for baby to play with and chew on, my daughter doesn’t find it too wordy, and the pictures are cute. It’s very cute when I hear daddy and baby reading it together. It’s about a daddy bear who goes to work and the baby bear misses him and the fun things they do when they are together.

Thank You God For Daddy book

It’s another boardbook so she can read it and play with it as much as she likes. It has a cute rhyme on each page which she currently finds a little too long, but the pictures, this time of a daddy lion and his cub, are really cute.

A Digital Photo Frame for Daddy’s desk at work

We can’t have Daddy forgetting what he’s missing at home! This frame is on the cheaper side and requires a USB with pictures to be plugged in; there are other frames with touchscreens, remotes, built-in memory, app connections, and more. But this is a budget-friendly option, so Daddy can have more gifts! We bought my mother-in-law this one that connects to WiFi so that I can upload pictures to it from an app on my phone.

Matching Shirts

I bought my husband a shirt that says “Gamer Dad” and a onesie that says “Future Gamer”. I can’t remember where I got them from (yay mom brain!) but there’s lots of matching shirt options on etsy and amazon. What is your husband’s hobby? See if there are cute matching shirts about it (I’ve seen lots to do with video games, fishing, and carpentry).

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    1. Yeah, I love making him custom gifts because he loves anything to do with her. She’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger 🙂

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