Free Baby Registry Boxes

All the freebie goodies laid out

One of my favorite things about being pregnant in the U.S. is the free gifts you can get. And not just from your friends and family either (although baby showers are another highlight of being pregnant – see the shower my friends threw me here) Did you know that companies and stores will also send you free samples and gifts for being pregnant? I got all of the things in these pictures by paying for $17 total combined shipping, and visiting two stores. I talk about how to get five of these free boxes below (disclaimer: this is not a guarantee that you will get the same amount nor the exact same samples as I did, it’s merely an example of what you might receive):

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All the boxes and bags of freebies!
Babylist box
Babylist goodies all laid out

Babylist$10 shipping and make a registry. If you go to you can make a free registry. It is a website that compiles any item on any website into one registry to make it easier for you and your guests. Once you make your registry you can also request your free registry box and they will send you samples of various products for you and baby. They claim the box is free, you just have to pay $10 shipping.

Freebies from Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Babymake a registry and visit a store. Buy Buy Baby is an online retailer and a physical store for all things baby-related. You can make a free baby registry on their website or in-store with their helpful representatives. Once you have made your registry, you can receive a free bag of samples when you visit their store. They do not ship it out for free, but if you have a store nearby it’s worth it to walk in and ask for your free registry bag. We went to try out their double strollers, and on our way out made sure to grab our free bag.

Freebies from Walmart

Walmart – make a registry and request a box. You can make a free baby registry at Once you have made your registry, you have to go to this separate page and input your registry’s url but then Walmart will ship a box of samples for free.

Freebies from Amazon

Amazon – for Prime members: make a registry and order your free box. On, you can make a free baby registry. To get a free 30-day trial of Prime, click here. They have a handy checklist for all the things you could buy for baby. You will have to go through their checklist (you can just checkmark the boxes, you don’t have to actually select something in every category). Once you have done that, you can order your box. It will say it is $35. Once you are in your cart, you should be given a discount so that it is $0 because you completed your registry. Note: You have to be a prime member to qualify for this box.

Freebies from Target

Target – make a registry and visit a store. At, you can make a free baby registry. Once you have made your registry, you can go to a target store and ask for their free registry bag. Note: you will have to be signed in to your account on your smartphone so that they can scan the barcode for your registry to make sure you only take one sample bag.

Freebies from Noobie Box

Noobie Box – $7 shipping. has different boxes for pregnant mothers, but there is also a free sample box. You can order it, and pay $7 shipping. I personally really liked this box because it has more things for mom in it than for baby, and has different products in it compared to the other four (which are fairly similar to each other).

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  1. These are some amazing finds. I am sure about to be moms and new moms must appreciate this so much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow this is awesome!! I did Babylist last pregnancy but didn’t know you could get a free box of stuff! Definitely trying these out for this pregnancy!

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