Bathtime Fun

Bathtime is an important part of our bedtime routine for our one-year-old toddler. It didn’t start out as a routine when she was a baby, but putting her to sleep was taking over 30 minutes, and implementing a bedtime routine was suggested. We started doing bathtime every night, then reading a story from her baby bible, then going to bed. It has really helped shorten bedtime and now when she’s tired, we will ask her if she wants to take a bath and she will often nod her head. She loves to play in the water, with and without her toys.

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These are some of my one-year-old’s favorite bath toys

We have not tried giving her scoops and tupperware in a few months, because she always wants to drink out of them. One of my friends suggested bringing her water cup in so that she could have drinking water and not drink the bath water, but she still drank the bath water. So until she outgrows that, we’ll stick to squirty animals, stackable floating boats, and this pouring caterpillar toy. The caterpillar toy comes with little shapes and scoops, so we’re teaching her to not drink out of the scoops. Instead, she dips her fingers in the scoops and slurps water off her fingers. (I decided to not fight that battle, gotta pick and choose which battles to fight!)


On Pinterest you can find how to make colored shaving cream that your child can play with and wash off in the tub. They also make bath crayons but I haven’t personally tried them out, because my daughter immediately tried to put it in her mouth. (Update: starting at 18 months, she loves them! And they’re easy to wipe off our tub)

This is the baby bath tub we used

She started out in the sling and being washed on our kitchen counter. Once she got too big for the sling, she was just in the plastic tub part. Once she started splashing, we moved her tub to inside our bathtub. Once she started trying to get out, we moved her to the big girl bathtub and gave her all the above toys. Now at one year’s old, she bathes like a big girl!

a baby throwing water out of a bathtub outside with text bathtime fun with a 1-year-old

6 thoughts on “Bathtime Fun”

  1. I really want to try the bath crayons, we were gifted bath paint for Christmas, and holy moly! That stuff was HARD to wash off haha. But my littles loved it so much so we kept using it and finished it all, definitely want to try the crayons!

  2. Keeping the bath and water our of littles mouth is nearly impossible! Good luck with that. I love the toy ideas and shaving cream idea too! My boys love (food coloring) colored ice in their tub–big time favorite at our house. They enjoy making the ice and then waiting for it to freeze and they get super excited dumping it in the tub. =)

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