Teething Hacks

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Teething is an interesting time in a baby’s life. Some days are fine, some days are truly awful, and teething can last forever it feels like. Luckily, there are some things that can help relieve some of your baby’s discomfort and pain. 

Camilia. One of my favorite teething products is camilia drops.It is a natural soother for teething gums. For me, this helped with Lily’s teething discomfort well enough that most of the time we didn’t need the Tylenol. I would usually use it at night when she couldn’t settle down enough to sleep. During the day, we could distract her enough that she didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable. But at night, she needed the drops to help soothe her into sleep.

Infant Tylenol or Motrin. This is for when the teething is really bad, especially at bedtime. Obviously follow your pediatrician’s guidelines on using it.

This teething toy is amazing and helped her so much whenever she was teething. Lily didn’t seem to like when we froze her teething toys, but I know a lot of babies do like that.

Mesh Food Feeders. We also froze some wet bibs that she could gum on while teething, which helped occasionally. I also froze some of my breastmilk in ice molds and then stuck them in these mesh pacifiers which helped (it does drip everywhere though). 

Her finger toothbrush was also super helpful for teething on, and then once the teeth come in, you can use it to give her a quick brush.

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