Taking a Toddler to Disneyland

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One of the things I am most looking forward to as my daughter becomes a toddler is taking her to Disneyland. I already have a list of things to do with her as she is able to do and participate more at Disneyland:

  • I cannot wait to take her to see characters. I want to watch her be excited, thinking they’re real and take pictures with them and hug them. Now that she watches shows she will also be able to recognize more of the characters.
  • I am excited for her to experience different rides and to have favorite rides. She currently seems to enjoy the boat rides but also just tolerates when I take her on new rides. I think she will enjoy the teacups and King Arthur’s Carousel. She’ll also be able to shoot in Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters and Toy Story Mania, and start driving an Autopia car.
  • Now that she can run around, she can play in the Redwood
    Creek Trail, Tarzan’s Treehouse, and on Pirate Island.
  • I’m excited to take her to Turtle Talk with Crush, especially because she currently loves fish.
  • Excited to watch Frozen at the Hyperion Theatre. I saw it when it first came and loved it, but she hasn’t been able to sit through a long show yet. Hopefully as she gets older, she’ll be engaged and interested enough to sit through the whole show.

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  1. Maya

    I can’t wait to be able to take my daughters to Disneyland! I’ll probably be the child since I’ve never been!

  2. Ashley

    I’ll remember these tips when we’re able to go to Disneyland! Can’t wait to travel and make memories again.

  3. Sarah

    I’m excited to eventually take my kids! I love Disneyland so much!

  4. Krystn M.

    Seeing Disneyland through your child’s eyes make you fall in love with the place again! So much fun!

  5. We have such sweet memories of taking our toddlers to Disneyland! My biggest lesson learned was to let go of expectation and bring extra pull ups! 🙂

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