Independent Toddler Play Activities

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We just recently had our second child (yes, now I have two under two!), and I am needing my toddler to independently entertain herself sometimes. Below are some of the activities that she can successfully play independently or semi-independently. She still likes to be around me for some of these activities but doesn’t need me to be as hands-on as with other activities. She may need prompting or praise and validation, but is capable of doing most of it herself. I also wrote a post on how I am handling a toddler and a newborn.

Independent and Semi-Independent Toddler Activities:

Outside toddler play that is still hands-off (though it should probably be supervised):

a toddler in a ball pit, reading a book, and jumping through a sprinkler with text independent toddler play activities

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  1. Abby

    These are really good ideas. I’m going to try the sticker and no meds colouring book ideas.

  2. Monica

    This is so helpful! I could have used this for my toddler after my 2nd baby was just born.

  3. Jennifer

    This is a fun list of ideas for toddler independent play! I never did a mud kitchen with my kids when they were little, but I love that idea!

  4. Wow there were so many great ideas here! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring some great times!

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