How Chicken Makes Meal-Planning Easy

I have found that chicken is a great thing to cook (just as often, I buy rotisserie chicken from the store) because of all the possibilities of things to do with it. I make a large batch of it at a time and we can normally get more than one meal out of it. It takes a lot of energy to make myself cook, so I try to get as many meals out of one cooking session as possible. However, it gets boring to eat the same dish for multiple meals, so I cook a lot of chicken and then make different dishes out of it. The first meal we eat the chicken as the main dish with a vegetable side; for the next meals I have a few reliable fall-back dishes. These are some of my favorite easy chicken leftover dishes: #1 Chicken Salad #2 Chicken Stir Fry #3 Chicken Sandwich #4 Chicken Quesadilla. We usually have the ingredients for salad, stir fry, sandwiches, and quesadillas in our house so it’s simple to add chicken to it and change up the meal.

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