Disneyland at Christmas Time

Disneyland at Christmas is one of my favorite things. Disneyland alone is one of my favorite things, but add Christmas to it and it’s truly extra magical! This year the Christmas season starts on November 8 and continues until January 6. These are some of my must-dos: Picture Spots: the giant Christmas tree on Main […]

Activities for You and Your 9-Month-Old Baby

(This page contains affiliate links. Find our disclaimer page here) Visit Places You could go places like the park, a play yard at a mall, a zoo, or a theme park (I love Disneyland so Lily has been there a few times already). Your baby is now more aware of the world, but is not yet […]

5 Truths about Postpartum Life

#1 It hurts to move. Yes, you just experienced the worst pain of your life (yay for epidural!). Therefore, the recovery out of that is also painful. I only had a vaginal birth so I can’t speak to the pain and recovery of C-Sections, but neither is pleasant. I found that it hurt to move, […]

Disneyland with an 11-month-old

This is a follow-up to my post about going to Disneyland with a baby. We just took Lily again because our annual passes were unblocked from the summer. This trip we only went into Disneyland. September and October is more crowded in the afternoon in California Adventure, due to Oogie Boogie Bash. We finally got […]

Why I Chose to Breastfeed

I breastfed with Lily and absolutely loved it. It was the right decision for our family, but no judgement on you mommas feeding your babies formula, because fed is best and every family and every baby is different. I can only speak to our situation and why it was perfect for us; be open to […]

Our Favorite English-Spanish Baby Books

(This page contains affiliate links. Find our disclaimer page here) I want my daughter to grow up fluent in both English and Spanish. To help her get there (and to help me learn Spanish) we have been borrowing English-Spanish books from the library. These are our favorites. These are our favorite English baby books. This is […]

I Traveled to Europe Pregnant!

(This page contains affiliate links. Find our disclaimer page here) I was 2 months pregnant when we went. We had already planned it before we found out we were pregnant and decided to keep to our plans as a last baby-free trip. We had not planned full-day itineraries, and it was a good thing because I […]

7 of our Favorite Baby Books

(This page contains affiliate links. Find our disclaimer page here) These are some of our very favorite baby books, as chosen by Lily. She is picky about her books, and I haven’t quite figured out her criteria. Some touch and feel books she enjoys over and over, others she isn’t interested in. Some are super colorful, […]

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