Activities for You and Your 9-Month-Old Baby

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Visit Places

You could go places like the park, a play yard at a mall, a zoo, or a theme park (I love Disneyland so Lily has been there a few times already). Your baby is now more aware of the world, but is not yet running around herself so it’s the perfect time to widen her horizons before you have to chase her around. Even just going on a walk is nice because there’s a lot to look around at.

Do things that help develop language:

You could review alphabet cards, sing nursery rhymes, and clapping songs, practice counting with toys objects in books, describe things you see or just think aloud to your baby, and of course read books to your baby.

Develop fine motor skills:

Play with shapes, stacking cups or blocks, taking things out of containers and putting them back in (Lily could take things out, but didn’t replace things back into containers until 11 months). Help baby clap, wave, blow kisses, and play peekaboo. We bought Lily this ball pit and practiced rolling balls. I juggled two balls for her which was highly entertaining.

I can’t wait for her to stop putting things in her mouth so we can do more crafty things. I’m pinning so many right now and I’m excited to try them out with my almost-toddler. Hopefully by Christmas she will be eating less things and we can make cute crafty things!

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