10 Diaper Bag Essentials

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#1 Diapers, duh

I liked to keep at least 5 diapers in there because you never know how long you’re going to be gone, how much baby is going to poop, and it would be very bad to be out of diapers (of course, I had my emergency ones in the car also).

#2 Wipes

I liked to keep at least half a package; if it got too low I would switch it out and use the low one at home.

#3 Two Extra Outfits

If it’s warm weather, a onesie; for colder, a onesie and pants.

#4 Sleeper

We would often stay at our in-laws later than expected, and it would be bedtime so we got her ready for bed in case she fell asleep in the car. That way, we could just transition her from her carseat to the bassinet and she would hopefully stay asleep (one can always hope).

#5 Extra Socks

#6 Extra Bibs

Babies spit up a lot and then when they stop that, they start eating food and enjoy feeding their clothes as much as their mouths.

#7 Burp Cloths

#8 Bag for dirty diapers

I just had an extra plastic grocery bag or two in the bottom of my diaper bag, in case we were out in public somewhere.

#9 Nursing cover or bottle.

Baby gets hungry whenever and wherever they are.

#10 Swaddle.

This didn’t do much for us because Lily didn’t like being swaddled past three weeks but if your baby likes it I imagine this will be more helpful. A few times, this doubled as a burp cloth for us.

For older babies:

As Lily got older, I removed the swaddle, only had one extra outfit, and added a teething toy, baby food, a baby snack, and shoes. 


When Lily was 6 months old, my sister-in-law got her this fidget cube and it has been one of her favorite toys ever since (going on 4 months now). For the last two months, I have kept it in the diaper bag and pull it out when she gets fidgety, fussy, or bored. I like it because it doesn’t make much noise, doesn’t need batteries, doesn’t have lights, and doesn’t have pieces that fall off of it. It also entertains adults, kids, and any babies around her too.

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